Why most audiologists neglect social media

By Katie Armatoski, Au.D

Are you attracting patients who you can really connect with and enjoy or are you seeing mostly price shoppers?

I follow a lot of audiologists online, so I have an interesting perspective on some of the trends and habits that I see happening on social media. From a business perspective, of course we all know that we NEED to be on social media. It’s a free tool that has taken the place of the yellow pages and even traditional networking like TV and radio advertising. In order to stay competitive, it seems smart to have accounts on at least the major social media platforms. 

However, I have also noticed that many audiologists seem lost and confused about what they should do once they set up their page and fill in the “about” section. Posting is irregular, photos and graphics are a little, well, bland. The language on the pages is stiff and too formal for the platform. I’ve been there and I get that sometimes the last thing you have time to think about is social media. But, I truly believe that consistently posting engaging content on social media will drastically transform your business… and your bottom line.

Here’s something we don’t often consider: when someone follows your page, they are seeing your posts on the same news feed that they’re seeing updates from their old college buddies and their favorite local ice cream shop. Will your content look boring by comparison? Or will it fit right in and grab their attention? This brings me to the number one reason most audiologists neglect social media:

“I Have Nothing to Say”

I get messages from audiologists who WANT to post more on social media but are convinced they have nothing interesting to say. That’s not true at all! We live in a time where people are eager to learn. They want to advocate for their health and become more informed. They want to be told how to live their life in a way that promotes wellness and longevity. There are SO many things we can talk about… we just need to say it in a way that suits the social media landscape. 

“It Doesn’t Matter How Often I Post”

This is another thing that I hear from time to time. Some audiologists think that it’s good enough that they have a page set up. Posting regularly isn’t as important to them. But, let’s talk a little bit about the journey of a new patient. They might get a word-of-mouth referral or a referral from their doctor. The first thing they’re going to do is Google your practice’s name to look at your website. The next thing they’re going to do is click over to your social media feeds (hopefully it’s connected so they can do that in just one click). 

When they get to your Facebook page or Instagram feed, they might notice that the last time you posted was two months ago, and that it was a kind of dry post about a new piece of equipment. They don’t know anything about you except for the fact that you’re doing the bare minimum. 

Instead, imagine they get to your social media feed and there’s regular posts, and the images are fun and inviting. The captions speak directly to them. You share helpful tips and advice, and you ask questions to try to get to know people better. Not only that, when people answer your questions or leave comments, you take the time to personally reply and build a relationship with them. How refreshing!

Social media is meant to be social, but so many audiologists neglect it and instead use it as another place to talk about the equipment they use. That’s what your website is for. Social media is for connection. 

“I Don’t Know Where to Start”

Again, this is something I hear all the time, and I get it. You don’t have to have a yearly content calendar created to start posting. Here are some action steps you can take today to start making your social media feed an inviting place for new and old patients alike!

  • Post a selfie. I know, I know. It seems like something only young people do, but the truth is, your patients want to connect with a real human, not just a logo. Tell them what you’re doing over the weekend or why you started your practice. Don’t forget to ask a question to get a conversation going!
  • Plan out content. We all get busy and your good intentions today can very easily turn into a burden if you don’t have a plan. Start by pledging to post three times a week. Sit down on Monday and gather three photos and three captions (and some good hashtags!) so all you have to do is copy and paste them into your social media app whenever you’re ready to post. 
  • Get good photos! If you’re not comfortable taking your own photos, look for some high quality stock photos online that you can use for free. There’s sites like Unsplash and Pexels, but you can also join Ascending Audiologists and get stock photos each month specifically created for audiologists.

Do you have any questions about how to show up better on social media? Drop a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help!

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