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On this episode of the Ascending Audiologists podcast, insights regarding the topic of visual branding and why the audiology profession needs it is discussed. You have likely noticed a shift in recent years from traditional to online advertising, but you may have assumed that your main clients are continuing to consume traditional media. However, 16% of online consumers and 6% of Instagram users are ages 55+, and your patients loved ones are the most active demographic on digital platforms.

So how can the audiology profession benefit from stepping up their social media game? Taking advantage of the fact that 90% of information sent to the brain is digital helps us enhance the data processing of our target consumers and remain – literally – top of mind. People want to see posts in their social media feeds that they can relate to and glean some value from, rather than feeling continually “sold to.” Keep that in mind as you consider jumping over the mental hurdle of increasing your involvement with social media in the professional realm.

A helpful first step is to think of what you should NOT post: overt sales pitches, product promotions, and impersonal or unrelatable photos. Aim to inspire your consumers and create value for them. Even if they are not currently patients of yours, it is likely that at some point in the future someone close to them will need audiology services, so lay the foundation now for a connection they can draw from when that time comes. Try to portray to your audience who you are and why you do what you do.

Here are some specific post ideas to get you started:

  • You, the Provider – You are the heart and soul behind your business, and people will connect with you more than they ever could with a picture of a hearing aid or an otoscope. If they feel like they know you, they will trust you and your advice.
  • Your Environment – Make your office relatable by showcasing your staff, office, tools of the trade, and yourself in action. Use your caption to describe your passion for helping patients and making them feel comfortable.
  • Stories – There is nothing quite like a dramatic before/after story of the incredible change in the patient’s quality of life after visiting your office. You have a front row seat to these transformations every day, so let your audience experience a piece of that joy as well.

Finally, before you head off to revamp your social media presence, remember that you are capable of capturing the images that are the essence of your business. The most relatable photos are often those captured in the moment on your phone, and with the help of apps such as PicMonkey, VSCO, Afterlight, and Adobe Lightroom, those simple photos can look very professional. Now get out there and be an advocate for audiology in your community!


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