Audiology has an identity crisis. The situation is the result of a lack of consumer awareness and understanding about audiology, what it is, what it offers, and how it can positively impact a consumer and their quality of life.

The mission of Think Audiology is to stop merely talking about the need for audiology awareness and actually do something about it, through the creation of consumer and audiologist resources.

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The images inside the Drop Box are for Audiologists to download and use in print or digital media.

Think Audiology has two connected, yet separate, offerings

consumer website

The mission of the consumer website is to bring attention to the research based evaluation and treatment of hearing, tinnitus and balance conditions and the role audiologists play in assisting the consumer in their journey. 

free digital and print media for audiologists

Ascending Audiologists is hosting the material created by Kim Cavitt, Au.D. and her team of professionals. These professionally designed ads were created specifically to address all aspects of audiology. The goal is to create a grassroots national audiology awareness campaign and movement. We can accomplish this when audiologists all over the country use the same ads and images in their marketing communications during the same date or window of time.

Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will proide for you.

– Matt Goulart

A special thank you to our colleagues Kim Cavitt, AuD, Cliff Olson, AuD and Brian Urban, AuD, for contributing to the Think Audiology materials. Their effort speaks louder than words!



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