Things You Can Do When Engagement is Low on Facebook

By Katie Armatoski, Au.D


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Do you remember a few years ago when you could post something on your Facebook business page and it would get dozens of likes, comments and shares fairly easily? These days, you’re lucky if you get one or two people engaging with your post. Why is that?

Well, the algorithm that decides how many people get to see your post on their newsfeed has gotten a LOT stricter over the years and there’s an interesting reason why. Facebook wants you to pay to boost your posts, so they decided they’re not going to give you as much organic (free) traffic as they once did.

In fact, the average organic Facebook post will see only 0.07% engagement in 2022. That means, if you have 10,000 followers on your Facebook page, only 7 would engage with your post. Pretty grim, isn’t it?

So, if you’re not going to put money behind every single one of your posts, you have to do what you can to make your posts exciting and inviting so more people will engage with them. Here are some of my favorite ideas that you can try today!

Idea #1 – Give Them Something to Engage About!

Remember that song, “Something to Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt? This is the same concept! People aren’t going to engage as much with posts that aren’t, well, engaging.

So how do you make your posts more engaging? You could ask direct questions (people love sharing their opinions) or bring up topics that are a little more controversial in nature. You could put together polls or fill in the blank prompts. You could ask them to share a GIF in the comments that describes how they feel about something.

A great way to get ideas is to just notice which posts you feel compelled to comment on and try to figure out why. Then, do more of that in your own content!

Idea #2 – Switch Up When You’re Posting Your Content

Listen… I know how easily the day can slip away from you. All of a sudden, it’s 4pm and you’re scrambling to finish up your daily administrative tasks, including that post you intended to share on Facebook.

Unfortunately, 4pm is not a great time to post something on Facebook since most people will be too busy commuting home and getting a start on dinner. By the time they log in at 7 or 8pm, your post will be lost in the shuffle or buried in their newsfeed.

Instead, try posting when more people are looking at their phones, which according to recent data is early in the morning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Idea #3 – Try Incorporating Video Posts into Your Strategy

I know, I know. Who has time to make video content? I totally get it, but hear me out. There are some SUPER easy ways you can create video posts for your business page:

  • Do a weekly 5-minute Facebook Live where you answer a common question that you get in a fun and conversational way. 
  • Record a quick video on your smartphone while you’re on your lunch hour with a tip that might be applicable to your audience.
  • Look at your popular blog posts and turn them into videos. You could even do this with a  graphics-based video that you make in Canva using one of their templates.

As you can see, I don’t feel that your video content has to be fussy or over-produced. A simple smartphone video will do the trick just fine! Your goal is relatable content, and you don’t need professionally shot and edited video for that. If this is still overwhelming, there’s probably someone on your team who is good at this who would be happy to help with content creation.

Idea #4 – Do Some Investigative Research

One really cool thing about Facebook is they give you TONS of insights for free with your business account. How often are you taking the time to look at these insights? Every few weeks, set aside a little bit of time to dive into your numbers. Look to see when you had big spikes of engagement and then see which post you shared on that day.

Do you see any commonalities between the posts that performed well? Use this information to guide your content creation moving forward. For example, maybe you got a lot of comments on a post where you asked people to share a hearing-related song in the comments. Try asking fun questions like that more often!

If you can’t find time to do this, maybe someone on your team can sit down once a month and compile an analytics document for you with the top five performing posts for the month, and the team can brainstorm some new ideas based on what you find!

Idea #5 – Start Posting More Consistently

These days, social media algorithms pretty much run the show… but they’re not exactly going to tell us what they want from us. It’s like that meme that’s going around again about taxes:

It’s anyone’s guess what that algorithm is really looking for, but we can infer that it wants us to post often, but not TOO often. Helpful, isn’t it? Well, according to a test done by Social Bakers, posting twice a week isn’t enough to keep your engagement levels high. They found that 5-10 posts per week is the range where engagement is highest.

So, keep those algorithms happy and aim for one post per day, if possible (remember, you can use a scheduling platform like Facebook Planner to load up all your content so you don’t actually have to find time to login and post every day).

There you have it, my five favorite tips for boosting your engagement on Facebook. I hope this blog post sparked some ideas and gave you a renewed sense of energy as you execute your content creation strategy! As always, if you have any questions for me, please reach out!


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