The Rise of edutainment content (and how to create it)

By Katie Armatoski, Au.D


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No, I promise that’s not a typo in the title. In this post, I want to talk about edutainment content and if you’ve never heard that word, don’t worry. I actually hadn’t heard of it either until I saw it on a list of “marketing trends for healthcare in 2023” — a phrase I search about every month or so just to make sure I’m staying on top of everything.

Edutainment content is basically just media that’s designed to educate through entertainment. So, it’s not really a new concept, just a new “buzzy” name for something people have been creating forever without realizing it could be part of an actual marketing strategy.

Are you creating edutainment content for your audiology practice? You probably are! Look at you, being ahead of the trends. However, if you’re not doing this yet — or if you want to do it a little more intentionally — this blog will hopefully give you some ideas!

Why Edutainment is Popular Right Now

Edutainment is all around. You just have to look at kid’s programming on PBS to see what I mean: Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Sesame Street are two excellent examples. These shows both entertain and educate children, and as a parent, I am a huge fan of any show that can keep my kid’s attention and teach them something at the same time. It’s no small feat!

As video content continues to dominate social media, we’re seeing more and more of it. By the way, I found out that TikTok users are currently spending an average of 95 minutes per day (yes… over 1.5 hours) watching videos on the platform. I just… wow. Needless to say, there’s a lot of content floating around and not all of it is people dancing or playing with funny filters.

72% of customers say they would rather learn about a product or service through video (source) so we should be thinking about ways we can create videos that showcase the work we do and the products we use to help people hear better. I know video content can be overwhelming, so I’m going to share some ideas that I think would make some really great edutainment content and that shouldn’t be too hard to make with just your smartphone in the office!

Edutainment Content Ideas for Audiologists

#1 – O.T.C. F.A.Q.

People have a lot of questions right now about over-the-counter hearing aids. As the expert, you could easily create a video where you answer the most commonly asked questions. You don’t need to promote yourself or alternative products. Just focus on making it educational!

#2 – Ear Wax 101

This is one of those topics that always gets people to stop and engage. Everyone has ear wax and everyone is wondering if their ear wax is “normal” or not. So, create a video all about ear wax and teach people what it does and how to manage it at home!

#3 – Helping Someone With Hearing Loss

Everyone knows someone who is living with hearing loss and unless you’ve gone through it (or have a medical background in hearing health) it can be difficult to know how to help. Create a video with some ideas for people to better support their loved ones.

#4 – Causes of Hearing Loss

Getting young people to care about hearing loss is tough. But if you make a video where you share some of the causes of hearing loss, you might just encourage them to make lifestyle changes to keep it at bay… like wearing earplugs to concerts, for example!

#5 – Simple Self-Assessment

Want to reach the people who think they might have hearing loss but are too afraid to come in? Create a self-assessment they can do at home! Your video could have a few questions that help people determine if they need to take the next step to get an in-office hearing test.

I know making videos for social media can be a little bit intimidating but I promise, people are not expecting you to put out professional level content. In fact, I’ve noticed that people are more likely to engage with stuff that’s not overly polished and corporate looking.

Everyone is craving more authenticity online, so don’t overthink it. Just get your smartphone and start making content! You will learn as you go. The most important thing is just to do it!

And please, if you decide to do any of these videos PLEASE tag me in them so I can watch and engage with your content! I love supporting you as you try new things and put yourself out there!

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