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Ascending audiologists, the podcast, believes in helping audiologists market their practice and eliminate consumer confusion. It will largely serve as a motivator for audiologists to try new marketing trends and learn from their colleagues.

show notes


Just because you set goals doesn’t mean you have to start doing more or being more.

07: visual branding

Humanize our profession, advocate for audiology, and engage your community. To learn more listen in and join the challenge!

08: Education and Counseling as a component to Aural Rehab with Dr. Dusty

Learn how to set your practice apart from the rest while providing even better counseling for your patients!

03: Your "about me" page

Did you know that your about me page is probably one of the most clicked on pages on your website?

04: Why You Need Discharge Sheets

Today we are going to be talking about how one of the most important pieces of an appointment is the discharge sheet and how it can not only benefit your patient, but you as well.

05: "unbundling" with Dr. Dawn

“Our profession has given away way too much, and it needs to stop. We change lives and we need to be reminded of that.” -Dr. Dawn

the beginning

What if we had a place to go that helped inspire our creativity and set new goals?

What if we had a place to engage with one another that would save us time and not distract us?

01: the pitch

When is the last time you had to explain to someone what you do?

02: engaging busy physicians

Get the attention you and your patients deserve.

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