07: visual branding

Humanize our profession, advocate for audiology, and engage your community. To learn more listen in and join the challenge!

05: "unbundling" with Dr. Dawn

“Our profession has given away way too much, and it needs to stop. We change lives and we need to be reminded of that.” -Dr. Dawn

08: Education and Counseling as a component to Aural Rehab with Dr. Dusty

Learn how to set your practice apart from the rest while providing even better counseling for your patients!


Download a free branding workbook for audiologists! It offers clarity, confidence, and a unique identity in a saturated market.


In the midst of ongoing competitive pressure, the audiology profession has an awareness problem. Most community members know very little about how audiologists can help them or why hearing health is important. To add to the frustration a lot of audiologists or ENT practices do not know how to fix this issue. This leaves our profession almost as confused as our consumers.
Hey! Wait a minute I want to introduce myself!
My name is Katie and I am an audiologist from Wisconsin.  I am dedicated to finding unique ways for audiologists to stand out in their communities through branding.  Everything I learn I pass on to our members who are audiologists in hopes of creating a world where there is more audiology and hearing loss  awareness. 

Thank you so much for being here!