Your “ABOUT ME” Page
Did you know that your about me page is probably one of the most clicked on pages on your website?
How do we create a professional well written bio page that will leave a good impression and something they will remember when it comes time to schedule their appointment.

According to 87% of people 50-64 and 66% of people 65+ use the internet.  A lot of these adults are checking out your office online BEFORE they even step into your office. So lets make sure your “about me” page is up to par.

1: Include something unique about you and your co-workers.

Being a people person comes very naturally to most of us. In our profession it is common for us to get to know our patients, and sometimes for them to get to know us during the hearing aid fitting and follow up process. Take a minute to think about 3-5 things that you commonly discuss with your patients and share them in your bio.

Hi my name is XYZ. Born into a military family I learned from an early age how to serve others. I am mostly known for always being on the go and spending time fostering and maintaining close friendships.  I am an audiologist, mother of four children and an advocate for JDRF. I have been helping patients with hearing loss for 25 years.

Hi my name is XYZ. I am a small town Clintonville girl with big ambitions. I am a mostly known for being a mother of three children and playing in a worship band. I am an audiologist, pianist, and signer. I have been serving patients with hearing loss for 22 years.

2: Update your photo

When is the last time the photograph on your website was updated? All of us are literally carrying around cameras in our back pocket that are sometimes better at taking photos then your average sophisticated digital camera. So put away all the excuses that you have been telling yourself and get snapping. So where do you start? If you have the budget hire a local photographer to come to your office and photos of you. *Bonus points if you have a model that you can use to get a few action shots. Now this doesn’t have to be an actual patient it can be a family member or co-worker. Don’t feel like you need to fuel the stigmas associated with hearing loss either by asking someone to model that is over the age of 80 years old. 

If you want a refresher on how to use your cell phone or digital camera in the office just hop on YouTube and search the band of phone you have. 

So don’t wait to lose the last 10 lbs, go pluck your eyebrows, get a haircut and get to work good-looking!

3: Share A Story

I talked a little bit about stories in Episode 2 and how it can capture the attention of physicians. The same rule applies here. Now maybe you don’t have a cute story about wanting to be an audiologist from the age of five years old but I bet you could tell me a story about working or why you love what you do. Maybe you could tell an interesting story of how you became an audiologist. Stories create connection and a lasting impression.

So there you have it, I hope this has inspired you to update that about me page! For most of your patients this is going to be their first impression of you.

It isn’t easy talking about yourself. So have someone write down a few nice things about you. Sometimes we are so close to what makes us unique we don’t even realize it. So having someone else point those topics out about you can help you immensely!

Get out there and try something new because great things happen when you step out of your comfort zone!

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