The re.brand plan for audiologists!

It’s time for you to shine! It’s time for the profession of audiology to start standing out!

It can be really easy to take the help of manufacturers when it comes to marketing. However, when you take that help your voice is lost.

Download this guide to help you identify who you are and what you want your brand to stand for.

This workbook will help you understand:

****The top 3 causes of brand misalignment.

****Understanding what branding really is.

****Understand that your audience creates your brand; your company doesn’t.

****Understand your vision and your passion.

My name is Katie Armatoski and I am a Wisconsin based audiologist, mother, and coaches wife. When I’m not seeing patients you can find me helping other audiologists stand out in our saturated market.

What sets me apart from other online hearing healthcare marketers is that I’m an audiologist! Just like you, I meet the needs of everyday patients and I have insight to common problems and misconceptions related to the audiology field.