The Content Crew

Ready to leverage your patient’s favorite social media network and grow your business on autopilot- in under two hours per month? 

Does any of this hit home…?

You’re tired of being given social posts with dull-as-a-butterknife captions and 2010-era stock photos.  And it’s super obvious they’ve been created by someone who doesn’t know a thing about audiology. You want relevant, fresh content that captures you and what you do!

You’re not posting on social media at all, and you know you should be, but you don’t know where to start so you keep putting it off (been there!)

You know you need to be consistent with your social media but everything is still happening in fits and bursts. You’ll come into the office on a Monday morning, sling your jacket over the chair and say to yourself “ok, time to do this!”. ….But instead, you’ll get lost halfway through writing a post because it’s too hard. Then you won’t try again for a while because you’re busy with everything else.

You’ve resorted to posting about hearing aids more times than you’d like to admit. Even though you know info like this belongs on your website. But hey, posting about hearing aids is better than not posting at all, right?

… If so, then keep reading for a little tip…

Social media does NOT work if you’re posting just a few blog posts and infographics per month.

If you’re serious about getting more patients via social media consistently creating high-quality content, encouraging engagement, and strategizing WORKS!

And I help 80+ audiologists make this their number one strategy, too.

The problem Is:

Most audiologists assume their bland social media content is “good enough”

BUT- audiologists fail to recognize that social media is capable of establishing an emotional connection with the brand, fostering trust and loyalty- all on autopilot.

Somewhere between Facebook Messenger and Audiology Facebook groups, it hits you…

Facebook isn’t just a place to get updated business hours. It’s the handshake- a space for those in your community to get to know you before they step into your office.

^^ that’s exactly why I started writing high quality converting content for audiologists.
Once patients were traveling out of their way to see me,  I started sharing my system to just about anyone who would listen!

Like me, audiologists were looking for –

  • Content that was fresh and relevant. Stock images are so 2010.
  • A done-for-you strategy that anyone on your team could tackle in under 2 hours a month.
  • A strategy specifically targeted to achieve your goals: educating those in their community about untreated hearing loss & showing their community why they should trust their practice.

35.9% of FB users

in the U.S. are aged 45 years or older

195 million

daily active users in the United States

71% of AARP respondents

50 and older reported using Facebook in 2022, up from 68% in 2021.

Just check out the latest AARP poll:

Source: “AARP Tech Trends Survey: Technology More Integral than Ever to Lives of People 50+.”

Did you see that?

The number of over-50s using Facebook is on the increase…

…which means shifting our full attention to Facebook is a solid investment.

So, how do you leverage Facebook to reach more people in your area and fill your schedule with new patients? Keep reading!

People go on Facebook to be entertained and connect with other people.  They don’t want to see outdated stock photos or the latest discount you’re offering. They want to see…


They want to see...

… pictures of you and your team and hear your personal stories. They want to see you show up on Reels. 


They want to learn...

about hearing loss from your (or your patients’) point of view. And they want their questions and concerns addressed through your content. 

This is how you build trust and a personal connection with the people in your local area.

Posting people-focused, personal content is more likely to stop people scrolling past and get them to react and comment. Which just so happens to be exactly what Facebook likes.

The algorithm then “rewards” your page by bumping your content nearer the top of people’s feeds.

This means you become more visible to more people in your area and grow your list of followers.

Facebook notes all this and keeps rewarding your page with higher visibility.

Every day, you reach more and more people who could become your new patients. 

(If you’re not seeing results from your current social media activity, it’s probably because there isn’t enough personal branding and algorithm-pleasing strategy involved.)

Like Audiologists Always Say:

communication is key.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get engaging, audiology-specific Facebook content done for you that…

✔️ Builds a compelling personal brand so you stand out in our noisy market as the true expert you are

✔️ Educates your local community about hearing health, combats misinformation, and positions your practice as the place to trust 

✔️Gets your phone ringing off the hook and fills your schedule with new patient appointments

✔️ Only requires you or a colleague to spend 2 hours per month on Facebook marketing

Sit back and get ready to listen to your patient say, “I love what you posted about…”





The Content Crew!

A membership for audiologists running their own practice who are ready to leverage the power of Facebook to differentiate their brand, boost their visibility, and draw new patients through their doors.

The Content Crew is packed with done-for-you, thoroughly-researched content including FB captions + images, FB stories, newsletters, blog posts, printable materials, and so much more. 

This membership has been created specifically FOR audiologists BY audiologists (3 of us, to be exact).

So far, 80+ audiologists have used The Content Crew to post 30 days worth of Facebook posts in under 2 hours per month.

Get the 4-STEP, STRAIGHTFORWARD PROCESS to see your analytics light up… all in under 2 hours per month. 

*Not included with this membership: bland, outdated content that doesn’t work. 😉

You or a team member can learn the process in a day, implement it on your own timeline, and set yourself free from the tech and design barriers. I’m handing you done-for-you templates and strategies to make this the easiest shift into growth you’ve ever done for your business.

A Content Crew Membership + Consistency = Measurable Results

Take a look at this Before and After from a private practice in Wisconsin.

Before joining The Content Crew

Before joining The Content Crew, they outsourced their Facebook content from a marketing agency.

As you can see, their engagement rates were through the floor because hardly anybody was interacting with their posts. This isn’t surprising as the snippets of content you can see here aren’t exactly…well, engaging. Not even a hint of a personal brand in there.

After joining The Content Crew

Fed up with not seeing results, they joined The Content Crew. 

And after just 30 days of posting the content inside, their engagement rate shot up, and they managed to reach just under 2000 people in their local area (because when you get more people engaging with your content, Facebook then makes your posts pop up on even more people’s FB feeds). 

***Yes, this practice got these results after just ONE month of using the done-for-you Facebook posts inside the membership.

“Exceptional content, and I have more time for other activities”

Katie gives us the framework and personalization recommendations to make daily social media posts a breeze. AND because she’s an audiologist, she really understands the patient care messages we are trying to convey.  I love creating social media messaging but it is so time consuming.  With Ascending Audiologists as a partner, I get exceptional content and I have more time for other activities.  Highly recommended!!

D’Anne Rudden, Au.D., CCC-A

Longmount Hearing & Tinnitus Center

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Katie…

Audiologist + Social Media Specialist

Could this content BE any more bland?” 

No, I wasn’t channeling my inner Chandler Bing. 

This was my exact thought every time I looked at the content shared on social media by the ENT clinic I was working at back in 2018.

So, I started researching how we could make our posts less boring. 

And I noticed that dentists, in particular, tended to show their faces on social media, share stories about their patients, and answer common questions in their posts. Interesting

So I went down to Chicago where a couple of social-media-savvy dentists were giving a talk about how to create engaging content. I was the only audiologist there and I came home with a brain full of new strategies. 

Once I started putting what I’d learned into practice, our Facebook page started gaining traction.

The ENT clinic I worked at was featured on the news several times. 

And patients were specifically requesting an appointment with me. From 30 miles away. Even though they would be driving past several other branches of our clinic on their way to see me

When I asked these patients why they wanted to see me in particular, they said they loved the content I shared,  and the values I promoted on social media really resonated with them…

…so much so that they were willing to travel further because they trusted I was the right person to help them. That’s the power of social media right there.

I realized that using a mixture of personal branding and strategy was the best way to raise awareness about audiology in our communities and bring in new patients. 

And I was determined to help other audiologists overcome the fear of self-promotion and stand out in our overcrowded market with their branding and strategy. 

Skip forward to today.

My team now includes fellow audiologists, Sarah Fontaine and Katie Mac. And our content, written exclusively for audiologists, is shared around the world. 

We are on a mission to help audiologists combat stigma and misinformation. And shift the perception of our field, one done-for-you Facebook post at a time. 

We can’t wait to help YOU differentiate your brand too and stand out as the expert you are.

It’s time to simplify your social media marketing with The Content Crew!

Everything you get inside the content crew

***CAUTION, This is for audiologists ONLY***

30 Facebook captions a month

Every month, you get 30 engagement-boosting captions ready to edit, copy, and paste into Facebook. Each caption includes highlighted “fill in the blanks” so you (or a team member) can quickly identify the spots you need to personalize with your practice name, colleagues’ names, phone number, and the specific services your practice offers.

They’re written in such a way that they could never be mistaken for an insomnia cure. Because the captions speak directly to your ideal patients and:

-> Ask questions that encourage conversation in the comment section (more engagement = more visibility = more reach)

-> Share interesting, research-backed facts about audiology and hearing loss through storytelling (this is how you tackle misinformation, build authority, and grow your Know, Like, and Trust factor)

-> They read exactly like a person chatting to another person – AKA the kind of personal posts that spark engagement and keep you in the algorithm’s good books!

And, of course, they’re written for you by audiologists. Who better to write your captions than people who also practice audiology?! At least you know we’ll never need to google “what causes tinnitus?” 😂

VALUE:  $3,650 to hire a content writer (who isn’t trained in audiology)

30 + images a month

You get 30+ professional-looking, MODERN photos and images every month – that include an array of ages and ethnicities –  to go with each of your captions. 

Over the last 5 years, I’ve picked up some handy tips and tricks when it comes to designing images that will stand out among the noise and clutter of Facebook feeds…

…which means every single image my team and I create for you has official Scroll Stopper status.

In short: the hard work and strategy is already done for you!

All that’s left for you (or your colleagues) to do is click the Canva template link to quickly customize the images with your logo and brand colors. And that’s it. They’re ready to load into Facebook. 

For those who want to kick their personal brand and engagement up a notch, we also suggest photos that work well with certain captions. For example, a caption to mark the beginning of Better Hearing & Speech Month recommends you take a photo of your team celebrating. 

With The Content Crew, the stock photo struggle is officially over. No more outdated photos of 80-year-olds with hearing aids halfway in their ears, hooray!

It’s about time we got some modern, stigma-ending images out into the world, don’t you agree?

VALUE:  $5,760 to hire a photographer & graphic designer

15-20 Facebook Stories a month

You get 15-20 Facebook Story templates monthly inside your member’s dashboard. All you need to do is click to edit them in Canva and you can tweak the text, change the colors, add your logo, etc.  

Stories are great for reaching people consistently. Because if anyone in your audience misses your daily Facebook post, they’ll see your Story at the top of their feed, and your brand will stay front of mind!

And because people know your Story will expire after 24 hours, it creates more urgency for them to engage with it before it vanishes. 

The Stories created for you inside The Content Crew are designed to showcase your brand with interesting quotes, date-specific topics, and fun snippets about hearing health. 

The people in your local community need to get to know YOU and Stories are a fantastic way to develop that personal connection.

VALUE:  $1,620 to hire an assistant to create video content

1 Digital Newsletter Template

You get 1, two-sided Canva newsletter template monthly. Each newsletter highlights a different audiologic topic and can be shared with any type of patient on your email list. It can also be printed and shared at conferences, presentations, or even mailed!

Which means…

…You can pull together well-researched relevant content in minutes. Just add your contact information and you’re good to go!

VALUE:  $1,188 for an assistant to research and create the newsletter 

1 Blog Post

You get 1, 500-700 word blog monthly.

Say goodbye to the bland Googled blog posts that everyone around the country is using to boost their search rating.

The Content Crew’s blog posts are developed with the purpose of building know, like, and trust with those in your community.

Repurpose them as press releases or entries for community newspapers and magazines.

With headlines like these, your creativity will explode!

  • “5 Ways My Patient Transformed His Life & What it Cost”
  • “The Best (And Worst!) Hearing Health Advice”
  • “Technology That Keeps Our Patients Young”

VALUE:  $1,920 to hire a writer that isn’t an audiologist

52 Video Topics

Yep, you get 1 video topic for each week of the year. 

Video can be intimidating if you haven’t done it before, but the toughest part is already taken care of for you – the “what on earth do I talk about?!” dilemma.

To be successful with Facebook marketing, we need to post videos. There’s no way around it. The algorithm favors video. And that doesn’t look likely to change any time soon.  

Luckily, the topics you get inside The Content Crew take the guesswork out of the equation, so all you need to do is pick a topic from the list and sit down in front of the camera. (You CAN do it, it gets easier!) 

Just think how fast you’ll build your practice’s Know, Like, and Trust factor when people in your area can see your face and listen to you talk about hearing health.

VALUE:  $99

A Content Library of 300+ extra captions and images

You get immediate access to over 300 extra Facebook captions and images when you join (on top of the captions and pictures we give you each month).

If you need to focus more on a particular topic, you can head over to the captions spreadsheet, where the topics are all organized by tab.

Want more captions about ear wax? Click on the Ear Wax tab and you’ll get a bunch of captions all talking about ear wax.

Not a fan of one of the images you got in the latest monthly content bundle? Pop over to the depository of pictures to find a different one.

It’s a handy grab-and-go library where you can quickly switch out your content for the upcoming month!

VALUE:  $3,600

How-to-Guide: Automate your Facebook and Instagram Posts

This helpful guide walks you through how to access everything inside the membership.

It comes complete with illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to batch schedule your posts in Meta (Facebook) Business Suite. 

Batch scheduling is the way to go if you want a set-it-and-forget-it approach to your Facebook marketing. 

This guide will show you how to get all your content for the month uploaded in less than 1 hour and ready to post on autopilot to a schedule of your choosing. 

Which means…

…On the 1st of every month, you’ll already have everything set up for the next 4 weeks. (Meanwhile, other audiologists will still be brainstorming what content they should post over the coming month.)

Trust me, it feels amazing to be so on top of your marketing!

VALUE:  $49

The “2-Hour CONTENT CREW” Process

how to use the CONTENT CREW

Step #1

Edit your captions

All the hard work is done for you already. Three audiologists research, write, and edit 30 captions per month for YOU to share

Open the Google doc that contains your 30 captions for the month. 

For each caption, you’ll see the highlighted “fill in the blanks” telling you what info to insert (phone number, practice name, colleagues’ names, etc). 

Work your way through each one, filling in the blanks and deleting anything we’ve written that doesn’t apply to your practice.  

And, of course, you can always add your own personal touches along the way. This isn’t a mandatory step, but we recommend it to make the captions more unique to your brand.

Content speaks directly to your ideal patient from their point of view!


Step #2

Select your images

Each caption comes with an attention-grabbing image we’ve designed for you.

Click to edit the images in Canva where you can add your logo and customize them with your brand colors. 

As you worked through your 30 captions in Step 1, you’ll have noticed we included photo ideas. 

Take a few pics of you and your team to post alongside your designed-for-you images and graphics – photos are great for building a personal connection with people in your community!

Step #3

Tweak your Stories

Again, click the link to head into Canva where you can quickly customize your Facebook Story templates for the month with your logo and brand colors (and make any other design adjustments you like.) 

Once that’s done, you’ve finished editing your content for the month! It only took about an hour, too 🤯

Step #4

Schedule your posts

Now that you’ve got an entire month’s worth of captions, images, and Stories ready to post, it’s time to upload and set them all to run on autopilot in your Meta (Facebook) Business Suite.

Refer to your How to Automate Your Facebook Posts step-by-step guide if needed

And that’s it! 

You’ve just scheduled 30 days of posts that will now run automatically…in less than 1 hour. 


At the end of the month, jot down your engagement, reach, and followers in the Marketing Metrics Tracker inside your Business Facebook Planner.

THE CONTENT CREW arms you with high-quality, researched content that makes you stand out.

This practice has seen great ORGANINC results from implementing The Content Crew.

*These results were obtained in 2023.

i have learned so much

 Dr. Katie Armatoski has been helping me step up my Social Media game for about a year. I have learned so much on making my office’s presence known in the digital world and what behind the scenes tasks I need to do and watch for.  She is the kindest of people who really wants to help our industry succeed!

Judy Huch,  Au.D.

Oro Valley Audiology, Inc.


thank you!

I just wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for such a great service you have created. The content is so fresh, creative, and appealing. I just really appreciate all the thought and effort you have put into the whole process – not just content creation but education as well. We typically encounter so many expensive and sloppy looking marketing systems in our field  that really doesn’t reflect on who we are – you really caught my attention with such a great approach. I just wanted to make sure I thanked you!”


allen rohe,  Au.D.

Tinnitus & Hearing Center of Arizona


“But if I join The Content Crew, won’t I be posting the same content as all the other members – surely that’s not a good thing?”

I hear this question a lot from potential new members, and I do get where the concern comes from. So, let me unpack this more. 

The Content Crew is all about building your authority and growing your Know, Like, and Trust within your local community. 

So this brings us to the question, “are there any Content Crew members in my local area?”

I created a map of all our current members to answer this question: click this link to see the map.

If there ARE any members near you, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you can’t join!

We currently have two members within 30 miles of each other in Arizona, and they are making it work just fine.


By making the content they get from inside the membership as unique and personalized to their practices as possible. (We do recommend that all our members do this anyway.)

We encourage you to add your own personal touches to the content. Because that’s how your personality and brand really shine through to potential patients. 

Taking a bit of extra time to tailor the created-for-you captions is still way easier and faster than having to do everything from scratch! 

So drop in your own stories, experiences, and opinions where you can. 

As for making the images unique to your practice, post more photos of you and your team members (we give you photo ideas with your Facebook captions). And customize everything with your brand colors and logo in Canva (we give you Canva template links).

And if you’re still on the fence…

Try The Content Crew, 100% risk-free, for 30 days

Most audiologists say, “I wish I’d joined years ago” as soon as they become members and see everything inside.

But if you don’t share the same sentiment, all you need to do is email within the first 30 days of your membership. And you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

Everything included inside The Content Crew adds up to a total real-world value of $17,886 per year.

You have three audiologists devoting 50+ hours a month to creating 

strategic, patient-attracting content for you…

So you can schedule 30 days of Facebook posts in just 2 hours a month…

And you only need to get ONE new hearing aid patient a YEAR to cover the cost of your membership.

Joining sure looks like a no-brainer! 

Join The Content Crew Now

Quarterly Membership

4 payments of


30 Facebook captions a month

30+ images a month

15-20 Facebook Stories a month

52 Video topics

Content Library with 300+ extra captions and images

1 Newsletter + Postcard a month

30-min one-on-one Strategy Session

30-day money-back guarantee.

Cancel your membership any time.


1 payment of


30 Facebook captions a month

30+ images a month

15-20 Facebook Stories a month

52 Video topics

Content Library with 300+ extra captions and images

1 Newsletter + Postcard a month

30-min one-on-one Strategy Session

30-day money-back guarantee.

Cancel your membership any time.

VIP Membership

“Any chance you could edit and post the content for me?”

Yep! What you’re looking for is our VIP monthly membership. Here’s how the process works.

When you become a member, we’ll gather all the information we need to edit your content for you – practice name, phone numbers, logo, brand colors, etc. And we’ll ask what your specialties are to get a good idea of which posts will work well for your practice. 

We’ll also request login details for your Meta Business Suite and Canva Pro account. To join The Content Crew as a VIP member, you need to purchase Canva Pro (currently $119.99/year) so we can customize your images, Stories, and newsletters inside your account.

Every month, we add your details to the Facebook captions and pop your logo/colors onto your editable assets in Canva. 

And we always consider what would be the best fit for your practice while making these customizations. For example, suppose one of the images we included in the monthly content bundle featured evergreen trees, and your practice is located in Florida. In that case, we’d switch out the evergreen for palm trees. We love looking for ways to add that extra level of personal detail and uniqueness!

We’ll email you if we need any photos from you to go with any of the personal captions.

Once everything is customized, we head into Meta Business Suite to upload your captions, images, and Stories as drafts and schedule them to post automatically for you over the next month.

Lastly, we’ll shoot you an email letting you know everything is ready for you to review. If you take a look and would like any further edits, let us know and we’ll go back in to take care of that for you. 

Due to the time required to set up your custom plan, there is a 3-month commitment period. After this initial period, you can cancel your membership within a 30-day notice by emailing


Time to answer some questions!


Is this membership right for me?

First, let’s talk about who The Content Crew is NOT for. 

Unfortunately, hearing aid dispensers and manufacturer-owned clinics are not eligible to join because all of the content inside the membership is written from an audiologist’s perspective and covers topics that are irrelevant for anyone who isn’t an audiologist. 

Now that’s been said, let’s dig into who The Content Crew is PERFECT for…

All audiologists – no matter their audiological setting.

Maybe you’re not happy with the bland, irrelevant content you’re getting from the agencies or marketing specialists you outsource to.

Maybe you haven’t done anything with social media yet and don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you’re trying to create your content yourself but don’t have enough time and creative bandwidth to keep churning out fresh ideas for posts.

Whichever camp you fall into, The Content Crew is for you if you: 

  • Are ready to tap into the full potential of Facebook to grow your followers and attract more patients
  • Care about ending stigma and bringing awareness to our profession through quality educational content
  • Are willing to invest just 2 hours a month editing and scheduling the done-for-you Facebook posts (or you’re willing to invest in a VIP membership to have the editing and scheduling taken care of for you)
How do I access the content?

When you join, you’ll get an email with a link to the members’ dashboard and instructions to set your login details. 

Which content is available immediately, and which content drips out over time?

The only content dripped out are the bundles – the captions, images, stories, newsletters, etc. – you get every month.

When you join, you will have immediate access to the current month’s bundle of content and a back catalog of previous bundles.

You’ll also be able to immediately access the Content Library, trainings, printables, and all the other resources inside.

Are there any members in my local area?

Click this link to see the map of current members. 

Don’t forget; even if there’s a member in your area, you can still join. 

You (or a colleague) will just need to edit the content to make it as unique to your practice as possible. Tweaking what’s already there to personalize it is much easier than starting from a blank page!

Can I adjust my membership payment schedule?

Absolutely! No matter which membership payment plan you choose today, you can switch to a quarterly, annual, or VIP membership anytime by emailing

Will I need Canva Pro?

You can use Canva’s free plan to customize your content if you have a quarterly or annual Content Crew membership.  

However, if you sign up for our VIP monthly membership, you will need to purchase Canva Pro (currently $119.99/year) so we can customize your content for you inside your account as a team member.

I am part of a manufacturer owned clinic, can I use your content?
Unfortunately, hearing aid dispensers and manufacturer owned clinics are not eligible to join. The content inside the subscription speaks from the audiologist’s point of view. Topics such as vestibular disorders, tinnitus, pediatric audiology and cochlear implants would not be suited for the use of a hearing aid dispenser or manufacturer owned clinic.
Can I use the posts for other platforms besides Facebook?

You can, if you want to. Everything inside The Content Crew focuses on Facebook specifically because that’s where the majority of our audience is.

Will I get one-on-one help?

This membership doesn’t include a one-on-one service.

However, you will be invited to schedule a 30-minute Zoom call with me when you join so I can help you get the most out of The Content Crew for your practice. 

We also run a live Zoom workshop on various marketing topics once a month where you can ask questions live or submit them beforehand.

Do you edit and post the content for me?

We don’t edit and post content for you unless you are enrolled in the VIP membership. 

If you select a quarterly or annual membership today and decide you would rather have the content customized and posted for you, email to switch to a VIP membership.

What happens if my competitors steal my content after I post it?

In a perfect world, your content would be highly customized with your own photos, logo, and brand colors, making it much harder for someone to steal.  

But if it did happen, here’s how we would handle it. Drop us an email to let us know, and we’ll ask our lawyer to issue a cease and desist letter, requesting that they take down the stolen content.

Do I lose access to everything if I cancel?

Yes, you’ll lose access to the members’ dashboard if you cancel. And you will be asked not to use any content you’ve downloaded previously from inside the membership.

Can I get a partial refund if I cancel halfway through my membership?

Unfortunately not, you will not receive a refund after your 30-day money-back guarantee has expired due to the nature of the downloadable materials.

Can I upgrade from Thinkaudiology to The Content Crew?

You sure can! You can upgrade to a membership any time with a couple of clicks.

Follow these steps: Log-in > My Account > Subscriptions > Change. If you have any questions just email me at

I’m not based in the US. Will the content still be relevant for me?

Yes. However, there are about five posts per month that will refer to a U.S. National holiday.  Our practices located in the UK take advantage of the library and pick different captions!

Will this be worth the investment?

Yes. When done consistently and correctly, Facebook marketing is a great way to connect with people in your community,  build relationships, and bring in new patients. 

The Content Crew will help you leverage Facebook in the BEST possible way with:

  • Relevant content written for you by fellow audiologists (instead of marketing agencies who google to get an idea of what we do before churning out a bunch of bland posts)
  • All the proven strategies I’ve picked up from first-hand experience of growing a personal brand and marketing myself on Facebook over the last 5 years (the same strategies that helped a Content Crew member go from no traction to reaching nearly 2000 people within just 30 days of posting the content) 
  • A streamlined process that enables you to schedule an entire month’s worth of quality, strategy-driven posts in just 2 hours
Why should I join now instead of later?

Why NOT now? 

Why wouldn’t you want done-for-you content that will help your practice stand out and be noticed by more people in your community? 

If you’re passionate about tackling misinformation and raising awareness around hearing health, now is the best time to join and start posting content that will achieve that. 

Come on in today and try it out for 30 days. You have nothing to lose. Because if you decide it’s not for you, you can email us for a full refund.

Can you remind me of everything I get inside?

Of course!

  • 30 Facebook captions a month
  • 30+ images a month
  • 15-20 Facebook Stories a month
  • 52 Facebook Live topics
  • A Content Library of 300+ extra captions and images
  • How-to Guide: Automate your Facebook posts
  • Business Facebook Planner & Health Awareness Calendar
  • A 30-min one-on-one strategy session
  • One newsletter and postcard a month
  • One blog post a month
  • Printables, templates, and spreadsheets
  • Monthly live workshops
  • Facebook Marketing Decoded course
  • The Rebrand PlanStep Up Your Email Game course
Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yep! A 30-day money-back guarantee covers you for both the quarterly and yearly membership. All you need to do is email within the first 30 days of joining, and you’ll get a full refund with no questions asked.

There is a 3-month commitment for the VIP membership.

who has time to create interesting and engaging posts?

Social media is essential today but who has time to create interesting and engaging posts? I certainly don’t! We have worked with Katie for several years and the content that she creates for social media is creative and effective.  Katie develops daily content that is fresh and new and it’s been a huge time saver and a real boost for business. I encourage others to give Katie a try! 

Gyl Kasewurm, Au.D.

 Dr. Kasewurm’s Professional Hearing Services

Ascending Audiologists offers inspiration

I have enjoyed using the content from Ascending Audiologists. It is nice when I need a “turn key” option and also offers inspiration for other posts! There is other content outside of the social media posts that are helpful to use in a variety of ways, as well! Katie is willing to make adjustments and is open to suggestions which is always helpful! Thank you for filling a need for us private practice owners!

Alexandra Tarvin, Au.D.

Elevate Audiology, Hearing & Tinnitus Center


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