Introvert? Here’s How to Change Your Mindset and Start Showing Up on Social Media!

By Katie Armatoski, Au.D


If you are an introvert who is reading this post right now, welcome. As a fellow introvert, I commend you for clicking on this blog! It isn’t always the most comfortable thing to put yourself out there, especially on social media, so the fact that you’re reading this post and giving me a little bit of your time means a lot to me!

I understand how draining it can be to spend the entire day speaking loudly to patients, answering questions from your team, and feeling like your brain is always “on” – even when you’re away from the office. If you are anything like me, you get your energy from quiet moments where you can shut it all off and listen to your own ideas and thoughts. Those moments are few and far between, unfortunately! 

But I want to challenge you for a moment and show you how showing up on social media can have a HUGE impact on your practice, and not only that, it won’t push you as far out of your comfort zone as you probably think it will. Keep in mind, I am an introvert who has built an entire career for myself around social media, so I promise you, it isn’t anything to be afraid of.

Why Social Media Matters for Audiologists 

Did you know that 63% of patients choose one provider over another based on a strong online presence, according to a 2018 study by I’ll bet that number is even higher now, considering how many more people are on social media.


But how does posting on social media lead to patients choosing us? What did that 63% of people experience on a provider’s page that made such a difference? 


It all comes down to three little words: know, like, and trust. 


Those providers shared enough content on their pages that people felt like they already knew them, liked them, and trusted them. When they were ready to choose a provider, there was no need to “shop around” – they already had someone in mind that they had a perceived relationship with, all because of social media.


But That’s Not All…


If that were the only benefit of posting on social media, it would be worth it, but there are also a few “bonus” benefits that you’re also going to love:


  • New relationships with other small businesses in your community. These organic reciprocal relationships are really great for word-of-mouth referrals!
  • Improved SEO on your website. You’ll get an increase in link clicks when you share your URL on social media, e.g. when you share new blog posts. Also, the posts, links, and other actions on your Facebook page can give you an SEO boost. 
  • More engagement with other healthcare providers, which is a quick way to grow your reputation among people who can help you grow your business.


After seeing these things come to fruition, I committed myself to posting regularly. And let me tell you: even though I might dread it some days, I am ALWAYS thankful I made the effort after I spend time engaging with followers. It’s not just good for business, it’s fun… I promise!



So, How Do I Get Myself Excited About Sharing on Social Media?


This is the million dollar question for introverts. How do you get past the mindset block of feeling uncomfortable about sharing on social media and actually feel EXCITED about the task? Here are a few tips that really helped me push past my discomfort (and still do today):

#1 – Always remember WHY you are showing up. Posting on social media is not about vanity or popularity. Sure, that’s why *some* people use social media, but most likely, you are going to be using it to spread untreated hearing loss awareness. Think about it this way: educating 10 new patients per day in person isn’t going to have the same impact as sharing the same information online. If you know WHY you are showing up, your captions will never seem vapid, egotistical, or self-centered. Instead, they will be helpful, important, and necessary. 


#2 – Only share content that is ACTUALLY helpful. I’m sure you’ve noticed this, but most hearing aid companies are only producing product-oriented content. Makes sense, because they want to sell their product. But for someone looking at that content, it’s boring and uninspiring. I always think about the experience other people are going to have with my content and try to make sure it’s helpful and smile-inducing. Believe it or not, if my goal is to attract patients, something that brightens their day is going to be a lot more effective than sales collateral. We are human beings, after all. 

#3 – Hire someone to write captions for you. One of the main reasons I started creating content for audiologists is because I know first-hand how much time it takes to write the dang captions! I also know that time commitment is the main thing that is standing in people’s way. No private practice owner has the time to create and post content daily. It takes me about two days to write 30 unique captions, and that’s not even taking into account the time it takes to create the imagery! Don’t try to do it all yourself. Invest in done-for-you content and get back to enjoying your life!

So, What Do You Say?

I hope after reading this, you have a different perspective on social media and why it matters for audiologists. Remember, you don’t have to do live videos if you don’t want to. Just showing up authentically to share information or even just your favorite quote is enough! Ultimately, your goal is to build that know, like, and trust factor.


If you still find it overwhelming or your schedule doesn’t allow you to put any time or energy into it right now, let us help you! All of our done-for-you content is made by an audiologist, for audiologists so it will definitely speak your language and attract the right people to your page. You can learn more here!


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