How to Ensure You Don’t “Fail” at Social Media Marketing

By Katie Armatoski, Au.D


Can you believe it? Half of 2024 is already gone. This year, we’ve learned that the TYPE of content you share is more important than ever, trends change faster than our daily coffee runs, and success hinges on having a solid strategy locked and loaded. My head is spinning just thinking about all the changes that have happened this year.

Now, let me just preface this by saying that I don’t believe any of us are “failing” at social media marketing. We’re doing our best, and that’s great. But in 2024, we want to do even better than great. It’s time to own your digital stage and turn it into a patient recruitment tool that fuels your business and solidifies your status as a thought leader in your local community!

Let’s dive into my top tips for the rest of the year:

Start Batching Your Content

If there’s one thing that will make the biggest difference in your year, it’s batching out content. Rather than sitting down a few times each week to create social media posts, block an hour of your time each month to create twelve posts. I promise, if you stay focused, you can do it.

Then, schedule those twelve posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for one month’s worth of content in just 60 minutes. If you did them one at a time, I guarantee it would take twice as long, if not more. Time management is the key to success on social media!

Learn How to Outsource

Along these same lines, you can save a ton of time on social media content if you outsource it to someone you trust. Maybe there’s someone on your team who has a natural gift for writing and graphic design or someone with experience creating content. See what they can do!

Or, there’s always The Content Crew. We will create 30 captions for you each month and 30+ graphics and images. All you have to do is plop them into your favorite scheduling tool, and you have fresh content every single day! Our members love the time we save them each month.

Embrace Video Content

I know, I know. We have known for years that video content reigns supreme on social media, but most of us are still resisting it with every fiber of our being. But here’s the thing: 90% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads and 86% say it has helped them increase traffic to their website. That’s a statistic that is too impressive to ignore.

This year, let’s make a collective goal to embrace video content. Start with a live walkthrough video on Facebook and Instagram! This is a great way to show people what visiting your office is like, and it is a low-stakes way for you to try out some video content.

Bonus Tip: Embrace B-Roll

B-roll refers to the supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot. It’s easier than ever to capture with your smartphone, and it adds a dynamic and engaging layer to your videos. Show behind-the-scenes moments, patient interactions (with permission), or daily operations in your office. This not only makes your content more interesting but also helps build trust and transparency with your audience.

No More Channel Surfing

There are so many social media platforms out there; it’s completely overwhelming. I have people messaging me all the time asking if they should be on TikTok or Snapchat or just venting that they don’t have enough time to do it all. Neither do I – in fact, none of us do!

Instead of chasing trends and trying to be everywhere all the time, pick two social media channels to focus on. You know your community best. Where do they hang out? Where do they find information about local businesses? Get healthcare referrals?

If your patient’s age range is around 40+ I always recommend Facebook and YouTube but it depends on your ideal patient! The key is to make an intentional choice about where to show up and then let the rest go. Learn more about why I don’t recommend Instagram to all audiology practices in my training. Trust me, it’s not worth your limited time and effort to be on all the apps!

Respond to Absolutely Everything

Social media is a customer service tool. I know, a lot of people don’t see it that way, but it’s no different than someone calling our office. Patients and potential patients expect to receive responses to their messages and comments, and they expect the responses to be timely.

According to Sprout Social, 76% of consumers notice and appreciate when businesses prioritize customer support on social media. 70% of consumers expect a response within 24 hours or less. And 63% of consumers agree their loyalty to a brand is significantly influenced by the quality of customer service they provide on social media. If this is an absolute no for you there are ways to set up an automatic reply asking them to call the office. 

Going back to our section on outsourcing, this is a great task to assign to your front-office team. In the same way they’re responsible for answering the phone, they can also be responsible for logging into your social channels (hopefully no more than three) to respond to messages or comments that have come in. Oh, and don’t forget reviews! Every single review, positive and negative, should receive a personalized response within 24 hours.

What do you think of this list? Does it all seem manageable? I really do feel like succeeding on social media is attainable for most audiologists. Most of us are spending too much time on content creation or spreading ourselves too thin on multiple social media channels, so if we manage our time and narrow our focus, we can be so much more effective with our efforts.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about The Content Crew, you can always reach out via email at or send me a Facebook Message!

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