Why You Need a Yearly Content Strategy

By Katie Armatoski, Au.D


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Content strategy?!?

A content strategy is like a calendar that outlines all of the marketing materials that you are going to create and share on behalf of your practice. I am a big believer in batching out content, and it all starts with a good planning session. In this blog, I’m going to show you how a yearly content strategy can level up your practice and I’ll walk you through how I do it so you can get started now!

Why a Yearly Content Strategy is Important

I have learned from my time helping audiologists with their online marketing that a majority of them don’t really know what they are going to do on social media month to month (heck, sometimes week to week). Most leave their posting to a firm or manufacturer and post it without much thought or see another audiologist do something cool online and create a similar version of it. After all, content is content, right?

Not at all, actually! I am a big believer in mapping out a content strategy that informs, celebrates, educates, and creates awareness. I believe that audiologists need to promote themselves, but they also need to connect on an emotional level with their patients and potential future patients. It’s a delicate balance, and without a plan, it can be really tough to get it right.

I know that we are way too busy to constantly be thinking about what we can post on social media each day, however, you need to be on social media in order to attract new patients and remind current patients that you’re there for them.

That’s where content mapping and batching comes into play. When you sit down and hammer out your content according to a pre-planned content strategy, it will take less time, your content will be more thought out and cohesive, and you won’t have to dedicate any of your brainpower to it during the day-to-day when you’re focused on your patients and your practice!

How to Create a Yearly Content Strategy

I like to sit down and map it all out on a regular ol’ paper calendar. Maybe that’s low tech but I literally will sit down once a year with a calendar and plan out my content. Of course, you can also do this digitally or even use a spreadsheet if that works better for your brain!

It’s best to start by singling out the major holidays like Christmas, Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. Do you want to create some graphics for these holidays? I think it’s a good idea, and you can also use the same post to remind people of your holiday hours, if applicable. Oh, and don’t forget about staff birthdays! Give them a little shout out on social media; they will probably love that.

Next, look at any national holidays that you might want to post about. For example, there’s Better Speech and Hearing Month in May, National Audiology Awareness Month in October, International Day of Sign Languages on September 23, International Week of the Deaf the last week of September, and National Save Your Hearing Day on May 31. These are all good times to post some educational content. 

Then, I think about community events and/or fundraisers I want to do throughout the year and map out when I’m going to be posting about those. I’ll try to talk about them a few times leading up to the event and then a few more times during. It’s always better to post a little bit too much than not enough, since the algorithms can sometimes hide our posts from our followers.

Lastly, I always jot down one or two things I am curious about when it comes to the future of our profession. For example, I have a good amount of content already prepared when OTC does hit the counters. I plan to share this content on social media, our website, and with physicians in our area. 

Once you have your calendar all filled in with your social media ideas, it’s time to create your content. Again, this is best done in batches, so sit down once a month and create all of your posts and graphics for the coming month, and then add them to a content scheduling platform like Planoly or Meta Business Suite. These tools are easy to use, and most likely, the free account will be enough for you. If you really don’t have time, this is a task that you can easily outsource!

Do you have any questions about creating a yearly content strategy? Do you need some help getting started?

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