How I boosted my productivity in 2021

By Katie Armatoski, Au.D


“How do you do all this?” This is a question I get from time to time and I always think it’s funny because I never feel like I do enough! My not-so-secret-weapon is a group of people that I routinely tap into when I need help with an idea or launch. I am just one person, and I have a lot on my plate… just like you do. There’s no way I could do it all, and I don’t even want to pretend that I could. I think, especially now, it’s important to be transparent.

I feel like I should say right at the top that nothing in this post is sponsored. No one asked me to put their name or information on here, it’s just something I want to be transparent about and of course, if you are looking for someone amazing to help you, I hope you start with these amazing humans. I can personally vouch for them and their amazing work.

Okay, let me introduce you to my team!

My Accountability Coach: Danielle Roberts

Danielle is all about more productivity and less stress and I am ALL about that life, too. Her unique blend of coaching and strategy has helped me get SO much more done in less time and I highly, highly recommend her.

I found Danielle in March 2020 right after I learned that I would be working from home answering phone calls. This was a scary time because most of my revenue is based on my production at work. That’s when I started considering a serious back up plan because I didn’t know what the future held (none of us did).

I knew I needed to start investing more time and energy into the online business that I had started back in 2018 and I’m happy to say that I now serve over 80 audiologists worldwide!

But, I never would have been able to focus and prioritize if I didn’t have someone holding me accountable. I went on Facebook and searched “accountability coach” and that’s where I found Danielle! She had great reviews, so I reached out to her. We immediately hit it off and she started to ask me all the questions that I should’ve been asking myself a long time ago.

She checks in with me at the beginning of every week and she asks me what 2 or 3 goals I want to accomplish that week. This helps me narrow my focus so I can actually get stuff done. She checks in with me a few times per week to see how I’m progressing. If I am struggling, she helps me figure out why and then we formulate a plan to move forward.

Through her process and with her help, I have realized that I am a notorious procrastinator, perfectionist, and I have no sense of time. 😬 I set my goals too high and I need Danielle’s help to figure out what I’m doing wrong so that I can be better and do better. This is the link that I used to sign up for her accountability coaching.  You do not have to be a Christian to be a part of this coaching program and it is ALL year round!

If you are a Christian business owner, there is also a 90-day program to help Christian business owners become more productive and rested. It’s perfect for those who are feeling frazzled, scattered, disorganized, and not sure how to implement systems or delegate. She’ll meet with you one on one to discuss your goals and create a plan to accomplish them and then she’ll hold you accountable to get it all done in just 90 days. You can get more details at but you’ll want to hurry because the last day to sign up is December 27. 

She also has these AMAZING planners in her shop as well as these five-week tear off sheets. I swear by these because they help me see my entire week all laid out instead of using sticky notes that can get lost or forgotten. It reminds me of the time blocks we got in college, for some reason I LOVE this layout, it just works.

Content Creation – Sarah Fontaine

Sarah has been my right hand woman since March 2021, when she started helping me with the enormous task of content creation. Not only is she fantastic at what she does, she is an absolute pleasure to work with because she has had so many experiences as an audiologist that I have not. That allows me to expand my knowledge and offering and create an even better product that will serve so many more people in the audiology world.

I met Sarah in March 2020, right before the world closed down. It was kind of perfect because  Danielle had been helping me realize that I needed more help and Sarah came to my mind immediately. Like me, she also had young children and knew she was looking for more things to do from home and fortunately for me, she has stayed on and still helps me so much!

I really am lucky because not everyone who makes content is naturally good at it. You have to be able to slip into other people’s world and understand their fears, questions, motivations, and then speak to those things with empathy and authenticity. You might think it’s just social media captions, anyone can do that. I am here to tell you that anyone can NOT do that… but Sarah can!

Guys. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that she is a breath of fresh air. She keeps me motivated, she keeps me smiling, and she inspires me daily. I am forever grateful that I asked her for help and that she said yes with great enthusiasm! 

Content Creation – Katie Mac

Katie is the newest member of the team, but she’s another person I simply could not function without at this point. She is a friend of Sarah’s and when we realized that we needed even more help (because the membership was growing), we reached out to her to see if she would want to help… and she said yes!

Katie works at Henry Ford Health System and she has had a lot of different experiences that clinically, I have not been exposed to. For example, she has a vast knowledge of vestibular diseases that she can speak to with so much knowledge and authority. 


Content Writer – Kari Perlewitz

OK, so if you’ve ever had to write about yourself, you know how hard it is. So, in the same way that Katie, Sarah and I write content for audiologists who need my help, I have someone helping me with my content, too! Kari is my go-to gal for writing the content that I post on my social media accounts and the blog posts I publish on my website. 

She helps me find and speak to audiologists who are looking for what I offer. She helps me start conversations with people by sharing my personality and my expertise. We are always collaborating on new ideas and she is great at turning my notes and musings into well-thought out content that converts and fosters a community!

So you see, I am not “doing it all” – not in the least! I think it is so important to be honest about all of the collaboration that goes into running a business and a membership like mine! Are you surprised? Did you know there were this many people behind the scenes here? Let me know in the comments below!


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