Engaging Busy Physicians!

To grow you need to advocate for your profession and bring awareness to hearing loss!

Our topic on this episode of the Ascending Audiologists podcast is engaging physicians by educating them about hearing loss. It is tempting to just communicate significant data and statistics with them in hopes of conveying to them the importance of their referrals, but here are 3 tips for engaging with them to maximize your impact:

  1. Don’t Assume Anything – Remember that you are the expert in your field and family physicians might not know about the correlations between hearing loss and things like depression, hypertension, smoking, obesity, diabetes, ototoxicity, and osteoporosis. You should also clearly communicate who you are, where you are located, what you do, and how they can best refer patients to you.                                                               
  2. How to Give Value – Three very simple ways to provide value to physicians are: lunch and learn seminars, giving a presentation for their continuing education hours, and including them in your newsletter or email list. By bringing the information directly to them, you are reducing the main barriers for them and increasing the likelihood that they will connect with you and your services.                                                                        
  3. How to Deliver Information – Try your best to mix up your communication methods while maintaining consistent messaging. Studies have shown that personalized emails to the doctor are the most effective, followed by mass emails, and that direct mail and in-person visits are lowest in preference. Be flexible and receptive to the feedback you receive. It may even be a good idea to reach out to a physician with whom you have a working relationship for their perspective about communication methods.                                                                  

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