The Purposful Audiologist Quiz

Curious if you can really differentiate yourself using the qualities you already have? 

What kind of audiologist are you?

why this quiz?

This quiz is here to put you back in the driver’s seat.

Here’s why I made it. We spend a lot of time listening to others tell us what our time is worth. It’s time to connect with your true purpose and uncork your personal “audiology power.”

Hi there!

I’m katie Armatoski, Au.D

A midwestern audiologist and content creator obsessed with educating other audiologists about online marketing.

I didn’t always have this voice and determination. In fact, just a few years ago at work you could find me going through the motions. I worked hard but not with heart. What I thought was an extremely respected field quickly turned into a saturated market. Now that I’ve found my voice in this noisy market I want to share it with you. Together, we can differentiate ourselves and demonstrate our value.

I grew up helping my dad manage more than one small business and watched my mom care for others in the healthcare field. If you combined my father’s entrepreneurial skills, my mothers persistence, and the knowledge handed down from my mentors in audiology the recipe yields Ascending Audiologists.

Whatever your roadblock is in marketing, I *pinkie promise* I can help you get over it.