Audiologist Ascend It!

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Available Downloads

Download: Monthly Action Plan (list format)

Download: Monthly Action Plan (calendar format)

Download: Quarterly Action Plan (weekly format)

Before you start this course what you should have are your previous year reverse engineered, your production goals for 2019 set and your 12 month marketing calendar set. If you haven’t done this yet you can find the courses here:

Foundation Audiology: Reverse Engineering Previous Years

Marketing Framework: A marketing 12 month plan

Audiologist Framework: Setting goals 12 month goals

Now that you know have your 12 month goals and marketing events planned out we want to keep on track with this by developing a monthly to-do list.

If you want to ensure your goals are met we need to develop a detailed plan to help you see the weekly or monthly goals. We want small wins here otherwise you can get overwhelmed fast.

Attached is this excel spreadsheet which you can use in conjunction with the 12 month calendar.