Ascending Audiologists 2022 Year in Review

By Katie Armatoski, Au.D


As I sit here staring out my window at the first real snowfall of the year, I am feeling an immense sense of gratitude. The last few years have been unpredictable and scary for a lot of business owners, myself very much included. I am happy to report that 2022 was a successful year as a result of TONS of hard work, calculated risk-taking, and support from my online community.

I thought it might be fun to recap the year for you here on the blog! I know I value transparency in others, so I always strive to be as transparent as possible with my own stuff. Plus, you might find it interesting just for curiosity’s sake. It’s always kind of fun to get an inside look at what other people are doing, what’s working for them, and what’s not working. So, let’s dive in!

The Content Crew

2022 was a big year for The Content Crew! If you don’t recognize it by that name, this is our signature content membership program. We re-branded and re-named it so it more accurately describes what the program is all about (which is content!). As of today, we have had 17 new members join us in 2022 and we have 83 total members that are LOVING our content.

In addition to the re-brand, we also added a bunch of new stuff for our members this year. We added digital monthly newsletter templates and digital monthly printable mailers. We also added “done-for-you” editing and posting services, where we’ll add your logo to your images, edit all of the captions to make them personalized, and then post the content to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. This is a game changer for audiologists who want to be totally hands-off when it comes to their marketing and social media.

Learn more about The Content Crew >>

Physician Marketing Made Easy

In October of this year, we launched our brand new “Physician Marketing Made Easy” membership program. So far, we have had 11 audiologists from all over the United States sign up, which isn’t bad for a brand new program! Our goal is to help audiologists educate physicians in their communities about untreated hearing loss so they can increase their referral rate.

In 2023, we are going to be building out this program even more with presentations, guest speakers, and more done-for-you services and content. I’m really excited to be focusing more energy on physician marketing because the ROI is a no-brainer. Physician marketing is where most practices receive a steady and predictable stream of patients.

Learn more about Physician Marketing Made Easy >>

Three Things I Learned in 2022

As you can tell, we were really busy this year and with all of the new projects and re-branding, I learned quite a lot. Here are my three biggest takeaways from this year: 

Everything is so much easier when you have help.

People sometimes ask me how I come up with all of the content myself and I’m always more than happy to set them straight. I don’t do it all on my own — not anymore, at least! For the first two(ish) years, I did everything and there is no part of me that wants to go back to that life. Now, I have two amazing superwomen who help me; Sarah Fontaine, an audiologist in Michigan and Katie Makowiec, a vestibular audiologist in Ohio. They have been helping me create content for almost a year now and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS for them.

Investing in courses is one of the best ways to learn!

Just like you pay for continuing education as an audiologist, I pay for continuing education that helps me understand all of the various ins and outs of online marketing. I invest in courses on social media management and social media marketing all the time. I even used courses when I needed to quickly learn how to use Canva to create custom graphics! Trust me, there are so many courses out there that you can take, you just have to know where to find them. 

I could sell out… but I never will.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve thought about selling, but you can mark my word, I will never sell Ascending Audiologists. For one, the fact that all of our content is created by audiologists for audiologists is so special and close to my heart. I believe that in order to market your practice and create good content, you need to really understand your patients. You need to know their problems and fears… and I do!

I am truly in this to help our profession thrive. It’s annoying how much misinformation there is out there, and I love that I have the opportunity to empower other audiologists to share their knowledge, make their practices stand out, and get the recognition they deserve.

Well, that’s it. Do you have any questions for me about what we’ve done this year or what we’re planning on doing moving forward? I always love when you leave comments for me, so don’t be shy! This is a conversation and it would be so great to hear from you!

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