katie Armatoski, Au.D

founder and content creator

A midwestern audiologist, mother, and coaches wife determined to change the way our patients value our time and expertise.

I didn’t always have this voice and determination. In fact, just a few years ago at work you could find me going through the motions. I worked hard but not with heart. What I thought was an extremely respected field quickly turned into a saturated market. Now that I’ve found my voice in this noisy market I want to share it with you. Together, we can differentiate ourselves and demonstrate our value.

I grew up helping my dad manage more than one small business and watched my mom care for others in the healthcare field. If you combined my father’s entrepreneurial skills, my mothers persistence, and the knowledge handed down from my mentors in audiology the recipe yields Ascending Audiologists.

But when I’m not at work, I am busy keeping a toddler out of Louie’s water dish (let’s be honest, the toilet too). No matter what season, if you knock on our door, and we’re not at home, you can find us on Lake Winnebago!

Sarah Fontaine, au.D

content creator

It all began at the Entheos Audiology Cooperative meeting in March 2020…

This is when Dr. Sarah and I met and decided that our profession needed our help. Sarah has been a blessing during this journey offering inspiration, support, and joy.

She is also a midwest audiologist living in Ohio. When she is not practicing audiology she spends her days enjoying her son Lucas and taking long walks!

At the age of 20 years old I still wasn’t sure what my calling in life would be. My parents knowing me better than I knew myself pushed me to follow a local Audiologist for one day. Reluctantly, I showed up. That day I witnessed my first hearing aid fitting. The patient’s wife simply asked him “can you hear me?” The expression on his face and the tears in his eyes said it all. I left that day hooked – knowing I had found my true passion in life, helping others.

host of the

ascending audiologists podcast

How do I make physicians listen? How do I market my message clearly? What marketing strategy do I try next? What makes my office so unique? Can I *really* do this?

Yes, you can do this! Join host, Dr. Katie, once a week to get the answers to these questions and more.

If you would like to recommend someone or yourself to be on the podcast please email us at: info@ascendingaudiologists.com

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