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From ‘meh’ to memorable

Hello, and welcome to a story that begins with a question: “Could this content BE any more bland?” No, I wasn’t just echoing Chandler Bing from Friends. This was my genuine reaction to the lackluster social media content posted on Facebook Pages in 2018.

Driven by curiosity and a desire for change, I embarked on a quest to infuse life into digital marketing for audiologists. My journey led me to Chicago, where I learned from social-media-savvy dentists about engaging content creation. As the lone audiologist among them, I returned armed with groundbreaking strategies.

The results? Astonishing. Our Facebook page’s engagement soared, our clinic was featured in news segments, and patients began seeking me out – some traveling great distances, bypassing other clinics, drawn by the content and values I shared online. This was the undeniable power of effective social media.

Realizing the potent mix of personal branding and strategic content, I set out to revolutionize audiology awareness and attract new patients. My mission is to guide fellow audiologists in overcoming self-promotion apprehension and to shine in a saturated market.

Fast forward to today. I lead a dynamic team, including Dr. Sarah Fontaine and Dr. Katie Mac, creating globally shared content designed specifically for audiologists. We’re on a crusade against stigma and misinformation in audiology, reshaping perceptions one expertly crafted Facebook post at a time.

Join me, and let’s redefine audiology together, showcasing our value and distinction in an ever-evolving market.

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