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Hear & Now: Social media  for audiologists
Unlock the potential of Facebook to elevate your audiology practice. Learn how to craft compelling content, analyze your social media metrics, and seamlessly integrate these platforms into your broader marketing strategy.
Free Content
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Reach out to me, and I’ll provide you with sample content. I have no doubt you will LOVE it!

Social Media Content
The Content Crew

The Content Crew, a unique membership designed specifically for audiologists by audiologists. Unlock the full potential of Facebook without spending countless hours creating content.

Physician Marketing
Physician Marekting Made Easy

Imagine enhancing physician engagement and boosting patient referrals without the heavy lifting of content creation. With our specialized membership, you can regularly educate physicians about hearing loss and position your practice as a trusted expert.

Monthly Content Packs

Change how you create Facebook Content! 

A whole month of content is already set up and super easy to use!

All the content you need for the month is picked out and ready to customize & post. This includes captions, images, Facebook stories, newsletters, and dates for everything- so you can delegate social media and focus on your business.

Meet Katie

An Audiology Content Machine

I worked in an ENT private practice for 9 years.

Now, I focus on helping audiologists who own their own practices create short—and long-form content that helps their practice thrive.

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